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Railway Station

Here… is the link to the map of the Railway station of Barisadri

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Rulers of Barisadri

BARI SADRI (Thikana)
STATE: Udaipur

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Sitamata Santuary

Sitamata Sanctuary spread over the Araveli and Vindhyachancal mountain ranges and is the only forest region where teak…

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History of Barisadri

Refer Links below for detailed history of Barisasdri
Introduction of all Mewar Emperor…

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State Election 2008

In state election Mr PRAKASH CHANDRA CHAUDHARY… from Indian National Congress won by getting 80,402 votes ( 53.23

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Topkhana of Barisadri

Topkhana is place on very top of the hill, from where you can have a…

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Some places of Barisadri

Some well know places of Barisadri

  1. Shobhnath ji ka mandir
  2. Ghantaghar
  3. Bus Stand
  4. Railway Station
  5. Pratap Muni Gyanalay
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Nearby villages of Barisadri

In photo shown are the nearby villages of barisadri.