Android Error Downloading -app name- There is insufficient space on the device

Android – Error Downloading -app name- There is insufficient space on the device

Symptom: Display this error when installing new application on Android phone.

Cause:  Main cause seems that actually there is very less memory left for new app installation.

Real Cause : 1. Actually very less space allocated by handset manufacture for app installation & no simple method to expand the same.
2. Try to install too many or very big apps.
3. Too much space consumed by other apps for data.

Solutions : 1. Making some space by uninstalling some apps or by clearing the cache and data of other applications.

Permanent Solutions : 1. Provision of additional space for app installation – If phone can be rooted then additional space can be designated by formatting & allocating a part of SD card for application. This require following apps.

  1. Framaroot – for rooting of Android phone, this also installs Super-SU
  2. Mini Partition Tool : for formatting memory card.
  3. Link2SD-Plus : or similar apps for configuration.

Problem Faced : I am unable to find a method to root my XOLO Q3000 Kitkat 4.4.2, so I am at my wits end to solve this problem, expert advise is solicited.